Common Galaxia, Victoria St, Seddon

“And I’m goin’ out west
Where they’ll appreciate me”  – Tom Waits

It’s was a long time coming and the coffee addled folks of the inner west have been awaiting its arrival for months, but finally, after what must have been some very frustrating delays, Common Galaxia in Victoria Street, Seddon is finally open to the public (it has actually been open a couple of months now but I have been very tardy in knocking up this post).

It was worth the wait.

When you walk in you feel like you’ve stepped into Wallpaper Magazine (that’s the second magazine simile in two posts!). Polished floors, wooded slats, clean lines, exposed copper, concrete cinders and actual Wallpaper Magazines. They’ve even hidden the cutlery in little drawers around the bigger tables. Very designer.

Given that the proprietors are the same crew who run Deadman Espresso you can take it for granted, friends, that the coffee is superb. And if that’s not enough, take it from me. The coffee is sublime. They rotate the house blends through offerings from Proud Mary, Seven Seeds and Market Lane. Pedigree or what? Yes, there is a bespoke Pour Over platform and a very chic water basin. Don’t miss them.

The food is top notch as well. Warialda Chorizo in baked eggs (genius) and delicate smorrebrod feature heavily in my rotation.

Get over to Seddon and have a gander, you’ll be pleased you did.


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September 11, 2012 · 1:22 pm

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