Patricia Coffee Brewers, Cnr Little Bourke & Little William Street, Melbourne

Where to start? Once again, a coffee proprietor in Melbourne ups the ante and lifts the bar. And it is appropriate that it lifts the bar because this slick-as-all-hell coffee shop is nestled cheek by jowl with members of the VicBar – the home of those oddly dressed barristers and right by the Supreme Court’s judiciary.

Tucked under the Eastern side of Stawell Chambers is Patricia. No, not your fiancee’s mum, but a well appointed, richly designed and massively popular coffee bar. And it is a bar, no seats here, no sir, just shiny benches, wall mounted daily newspapers, classy periodicals, hipsters, lawyers, bankers and bike couriers. Oh, and coffee, really fucking great coffee. In cups. Really stunning cups. You may have your coffee black, white or filtered. And your coffee can be Proud Mary, Seven Seeds or Market Lane.


The minimalist streak of Patricia works, I think, because the the void is offset by what is there being well-appointed and high quality. It’s sort of like Smith or Frankie Magazine leapt off the page and built a coffee shop. The staff have a uniform, complete with leather smock/apron. What? Exactly. It just works.

I’m not even going to bother talking about the coffee. You just have to visit this place and upon your first glance you’ll see why this marginal blog did not need to add its opinion.

Trish, the Dish.


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