Footscray Milking Station, 35 Bunbury Street, Footscray

If you live or work in the Inner West you may have seen or heard about a new ‘trendy’ looking cafe that was being put together in the wide, tree lined intersection of Bunbury Street and Cowper Street in Footscray, a mere stones throw from The Station Hotel, Footscray Community Arts Centre and all the best Pho joints in town is the Footscray Milking Station, which opened just a few days ago.

It is a lovingly restored milk bar/corner store which is pretty much guaranteed to be a smashing success given the increasing gentrification, growing housing density and relative affordability of the area given its proximity the CBD. Not to mention that we in Melbourne will trek to places distant from us just to say we’ve been there! But I digress. The Milking Station is small inside, resplendent in its bare red brick glory and, true to the theme, decorated with vintage milk pales and steel fabricated drop ceiling lampshades. It actually reminded me of The Pint of Milk, in Newport in the way it is laid out. Both are former milk bars…I think I see a pattern.


Milky! (Image pinched off someone else's Instagram)

Now, the coffee. Running the widely loved Padre Blend beans from the folks at Padre (South Melbourne Market, Brunswick East Project and League of Honest Coffee) through a little black Slayer the house offering is an agreeable blend which is an easy drinker with or without milk. With milk it gets a little more chocolatey in finish but left black it hits more earthy or nutty. Anyway, it was good enough for me to have three so um yeh, they’re doing alright! Also on offer are fresh juices, T2 Teas an Jarritos mexican sodas! Ole.

The Milking Station is completed by a fully functional kitchen that dishes up panini, muffins, eggs, mueslis and so on and I’m told the kitchen will become more and more productive once the crew find their feet. There is a neatly stacked pantry/deli to the rear of the space and you’ll be able to get your Padre beans from here as well!. Gluten Free muffins and salads were available for glutards.

This is a massively welcome addition to the face of Footscray and might just tempt a few of you to venture West (you brave things you!) down Footscray or Dynon Road in search of yet more coffee.
The Footscray Milking Station

I commend the Footscray Milking Station to you, dear reader.

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2 responses to “Footscray Milking Station, 35 Bunbury Street, Footscray

  1. Andrew Melville-Smith

    Called in here on way back to South Australia for quick bite and coffee. Great little cafe. Excellent coffee.

  2. CaffeineCity

    Glad you liked it, Andrew. Did the coffee last all the way back to SA?

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