Cafe Romulus, 437 Spencer St, West Melbourne

All roads lead to Rome, but only the handbreak-start Dudley Street and Spencer St lead you to Cafe Romulus. Sitting in behind a bus shelter, opposite a discount electrical goods store and passed by approximately 30,000 vehicles per day Romulus is a relative unknown in the Melbourne cafe clique. This shop is a real gem and as more and more people convert warehouses into homes on the edge of the CBD I think Romulus will become more and more popular.

The fit out is highly eclectic and kinda looks like the a late 90’s trendy cafe similar to Feedback Cafe in Yarraville or Scuttlebutt in Williamstown in days of yore. Assorted tables and seats, posters and benches with a sort of lost and found meets Ikea look that I really dig and which feels warm and genuine in comparison to the clean, straight lines that dominate the ‘third wave’ joints around town.

Lovely, smooth and consistent Coffee by Supreme, enormous Muffins for those that indulge, a nice hearty mix of lunches and if you’re feeling really special…yep, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream in its very own mini fridge.

If you work in the north-westish end of city, it is definitely worth the effort to visit Romulus at lunch time and if you don’t work there, well shit, take the day off work! They do breaky too. Grab a pew in the new courtyard and thank me later.

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