The Pint of Milk, Cr Douglas Pde and North Rd, Newport

A recent article in The Age about property values claimed that the ‘latte line’ is shifting westward with the boom in housing development to the west of the city. Well, they can keep their latte line for I am more interested in the Espresso Equator. That is, the line bisecting regions outside of which a discerning coffee drinker would be wary of ordering or expecting a decently pulled coffee. While Axil opened up to much industry buzz in Hawthorn last week elsewhere, with no help from Twitter or Facebook a little joint in Newport ( you know, the suburb between Williamstown and the Duchess of Spotswood) opened up on the corner of North Road and Douglas Parade – just a stones throw from the Yarra river and on Saturday when I popped in there it was packed to the gills.

Known as The Pint of Milk and run by the same folk behind the popular Pickle Barrel deli and café in Williamstown is a recently converted Milk Bar which used to sell fishing licences, Big Ms, lolly bags and Bait from a smokey, drab old shopfront. The conversion from Milk Bar to The Pint of Milk is nothing short of stunning. It is set up in a manner similar to many café’s in Melbourne with high ceilings, a good use of natural light, exposed timber and brick and an arrangement of bars, banquettes and smaller tables. There is a definite air of salvage chic in the interior design which is set off against the big, shiny, three group Synesso that commands watch over the floor and the freshly minted semi-exposed kitchen buzzing away behind the counter. Being located in a bike riding corridor they have taken a leaf out of Seven Seeds’ bike hooks with some outdoor hooks on which to hang your steely steed should that be your chosen means of transport.

Whatever your taste in food you’ll be well catered for and the Five Senses coffee was, as it always is, stunning and well prepared. Long chocloatey and berry notes coalesce with Jonesy’s Milk to make this blend appealing to both true coffee pundits and casual fans. The staff, despite being run off their feet, were super friendly and took the time of day to welcome people to the new digs.

I’ve got some pics to come shortly, but seriously there is now a new cafe to add to your weekend cycle around the bay so check it out yerself.

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4 responses to “The Pint of Milk, Cr Douglas Pde and North Rd, Newport

  1. Found it today, had lunch, loved it 🙂

  2. cs6

    Great, Simonne – what did you eat? Was it packed today as well?

  3. Fiona

    Sunday afternoon, sun shining thru the big window on to my back!Fabulous steak sandwich with pesto and caramelised onions, finished off with a piece of choc beetroot cake which was moist and delicious and only $5 for an ‘lady sized’ piece – perfect!!

  4. Yvonne

    Excellent food, excellent capps and excellent service with extremely friendly staff!!!! But its my secret so dont tell any one!!

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