Wee Jeanie, 50 Anderson St, Yarraville

Ahh Yarraville, you saucy little temptress. Once again you deliver the goods to the denizens of the Melbourne’s Inner West. Wee Jeanie is a spanking new outfit run by the folk from Cornershop which is, incidentally, just around the corner. The owners have converted a dingy old vintage clothing and music shop into to brightly wood paneled, sunny and airy feeling space that despite it’s diminutive size does not feel at all cramped or thoroughfare-ish.

Like the Cornershop there has been great attention to detail taken here to create just the right vibe. The stark white tiled bar is adorned with a wicked looking Racing Green 3 group Synesso and a Mazzer grinding out Supreme Coffee by the fluid ounce full.

The orientation of the cafe draws your eye out to an enclosed and communal table in the Wee backyard which itself leads into Williamstown bound platform of the Yarraville train station and out to the space behind the Sun Theatre. Granted, I sat there on one of Melbourne’s most glorious Saturday afternoons staring out to space but this was a truly comfortable place to while away a couple of hours in comfort and style which I suspect will hold true in any weather.

Perhaps expectedly the coffee (long mach of course) itself was delightful. A very chocolately/ toffee note to it and expertly textured to boot. A follow up shorty was less chocolate and more plum/berry, certainly more tart. Interesting the role that even a small amount of milk can bring to the interaction of flavours. Par for the course for serious coffee snobs, though.

For foodies, there’s a smallish menu befitting the smallish prep area/kitchen that they have to work with, sangers, salads, filo pastry foldy things and normal breaky fare. One senses though that Wee Jeanie – which was originally slated as a name for a new venture in Williamstown- mainly about the coffee while Cornershop can straddle that cafe/resto divide especially now that it has a night service and the Williamstown shop will be a higher end restaurant venture.

Wee Jeanie could not be easier to get to by car, bike or train but if you aren’t familiar with the area just bang on a train to Yarraville station and it is literally the first thing you’ll see as you exit the station.

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2 responses to “Wee Jeanie, 50 Anderson St, Yarraville

  1. Jen

    Places like Cornershop and Wee Jeanie are a rare experience. In fact, I went to Wee Jeanie for the first time yesterday and thought, Oh dear, this place is as good as Cornershop, now do I have to choose between too nigh perfect cafes? I was having a mini dilemma and feeling a bit guilty, but now I know both cafes are owned by the same people, it all makes sense. Great review!

  2. Jen

    Drat that typo!

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