Lot 6, Melbourne University, Parkville

I’ve been on and off the University of Melbourne Parkville campus for the last 9 or 10 years with various jobs and degrees keeping in me constant need of caffeination. Thankfully there has always been a reliable coffee shop or three on campus. Many moons ago it was Plush Fish in the Union Building serving up fresh sushi and various milky, sweet coffees. Though I’m not proud of it there were many white chocolate lattes consumed in during first year psychology lectures. Thankfully, as my coffee tastes have developed and Melbourne’s cafe scene has blossomed the Uni has not been left behind. Nearby of course is Seven Seeds, Animal Orchestra, Tre Sette and the Lygon St strip. But the main campus has it’s own standouts in Brunetti@Potter, Castro’s, KereKere and now, in my humble opinion, Lot 6 which has taken up residence in what used to be Brooklyn Project and before that, Deep Dish down by Grattan St beside the 1888 building – the home of the Post Grad Association.

Lot 6 - Melb Uni

Lot 6 has taken its cue from the new wave of coffee joints in town, big, airy open space and a mix of long benches and little tables and even an ode to grass (astro turf) out front. They clearly know that they will be rushed at times so they have two strategically (and oddly) placed machines ready to pump out the study steroids (cold drip available) and they had a heap of staff on during the lunch mayhem. They use St Ali beans (blends and single origins) and dish up some excellent (fairly well priced food) – I snacked on a Chermoula Chicken salad, twas a tangy little number.

The main course however was this:

Double Espress - Lot 6

A bold, smokey, and delicious double espresso from their house blend. I would have had another but I was scared of the repercussions (read – climbing the walls).

Melbourne Uni trendies are probably well ahead of me on this one but it is worth checking out if you’re nearby.

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3 responses to “Lot 6, Melbourne University, Parkville

  1. Great customer service also!

  2. Lauren

    Wow! Just had the best coffee I’ve had in ages from Lot 6! Thanks!

  3. I will have to check it out! (Along with the others you mentioned!) Thanks!!!

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